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SoundSleep BPAP System

Deliver one pressure for inhalation and a individual pressure for exhalation.


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SoundSleep BPAP System (BPAP-20T)

SoundSleep APAP System

Automatically adjust pressure through the nightly for a additional comfortable experience.


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SoundSleep Auto CPAP System (APAP)

SoundSleep CPAP System

Offer therapy air at one stated pressure continuously.


Start as affordable as

SoundSleep Auto CPAP System (APAP)

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Have you been suffering from sleep apnea or other breathing conditions? You might benefit from a high quality APAP (cpap machine auto adjusting) machine that makes breathing a breeze. Of course, you might be wondering exactly what does a APAP machine do?

You may be familiar with the following APAP Machines such as SoundSleep APAP machine However, what you may not know are the advantages of actually owning your own APAP machines. Our company provides the highest quality APAP machines and other PAP machines including CPAP and cheap apap machine. We provide great cost for value and have some of the best prices in the market.

You may be asking yourself the question:

What does a sleep apnea apap machine do? A apap breathing machine is an easy-to-operate, small machine that helps chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder also known as COPD sufferers breathe. A person using a portable apap machine uses a mask to breathe. There is pressurized air in the mask regulating their pattern of breathing as they sleep or when there is a flare up of symptoms.

APAP stands for auto cpap machine. Air is pressurized by the travel apap machine to higher levels compared to the air you regularly get within a room. Thus, it helps people in breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. A APAP machine helps them breathe with ease when symptoms flare up and as they sleep.

What is the difference between apap machine cost vs CPAP machine types? For obstructive sleep apnea, CPAP machines have been the go-to therapy. These machines deliver a continuous, steady stream of air that has been pressurized to prevent the airways of a patient to collapse and cause sleep apnea. Sleep technicians determine the CPAP machine settings and deliver continuous, exact air pressure. CPAP machines can be set to just one level of pressure that consistently delivers throughout the night.

As you know now, they’re same.

A ramp on some machines begin with low settings of pressure and build to the prescribed amount. This is a comfort feature that makes it easy to tolerate the higher setting. One pressure level is not easy to exhale against, for some patients. Unlike a CPAP machine, APAP machines have two settings for pressure. There is an inhalation pressure and an exhalation pressure.

Both CPAP and best apap machine help a person breathe through a mask using pressurized air attached to a machine. People that use APAP or CPAP may experience higher-quality, longer sleep.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. APAP (or auto adjusting cpap) and CPAP are non-invasive therapies for ventilation which are both used frequently. Doctors prescribe APAP or CPAP machines for you to use in the hospital or at home. Daily use of APAP improves your sleep quality, thus extending your life in the process.

All the clean oxygen you breathe at night has tremendous health benefits. Among persons with COPD, using a APAP machine reduces rates of admissions to the hospital, as well. Talk to your doctor about getting your own machine to use at home in order to reap all the benefits of breathing in clean air as you sleep.

Emergency situations need APAP machines. In COPD system flare ups, these machines take the load off a person’s heart and muscles as they breathe. This enables a person to breathe so much easier. It normalizes levels of carbon dioxide and boosts levels of oxygen.

Periodically, it is imperative to begin cleaning machine parts, Over time, you APAP machine collects bacteria, debris and dust, which lessens the effectiveness of your therapy. Routine cleaning machine and maintenance extends your device’s life and lets you enjoy maximum therapy effectiveness. Machines that are worn out or dirty delivers low pressure and air quality.

As to whether apap machine reviews or CPAP is better, there are no clear answers. Both help address breathing problems while a person sleeps. For people with complex sleep apnea, auto cpap machine reviews seems to be the preference. For those with obstructive sleep apnea, a CPAP works just fine. At the end of the day, ask your doctor or sleep technician which they feel is a better fit for you. Try out both machines and make a decision about which one you like better. At the end of the day, it really is your choice that matters.

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